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Library Basics - Online Edition

Need to find resources for your paper or project? Here's a quick guide that will introduce you to some of the basic resources that you can use for your paper or project. This Online Edition focuses on just the resources that the library provides online.
  • The easiest place to start your search for eBooks is the library's website ( and its search bar is a great place to start. Just enter your search term (keep things broader for books) and then click the magnifying glass (Hamlet will be our sample search): Library search box with Hamlet as search
  • Your initial search will get you both print books and eBooks. To see just eBooks, limit your search to eBooks, by clicking the eBook limiter on the side:Ebook limiter
  • You'll then see a list of eBooks that Bethel provides. All our eBooks are on either EBSCO's or JSTOR's platforms, so you could search on those platforms as well. The catalog, however, allows you to search for all eBooks with just one search.Ebook results for Hamlet search

The following tutorials are Canvas tutorials that provide an interactive way of learning how to search on the library catalog. A Bethel login is required to access the tutorials.