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Library Basics - Online Edition

Need to find resources for your paper or project? Here's a quick guide that will introduce you to some of the basic resources that you can use for your paper or project. This Online Edition focuses on just the resources that the library provides online.

Asking for Help

If you need help on your project or paper, feel free to contact one of the librarians. Though some questions are easier to answer over the phone or over email, we will try to answer any library or research question that you may have. Phone questions are answered when the library's reference desk is staffed which is normally 9-5, Monday through Friday. Email questions will be answered as they come in. 

Here are the main ways to contact us:

  • Ask a Librarian form:  Fill out this form, and a librarian will try to answer your question via email. 
  • Phone:  You may also contact a librarian at the Reference desk phone. The number is: 574.807.7170.
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