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InterLibrary Loan: Home

Making an Interlibrary Loan Request

You may make an interlibrary loan request, by:

  • Filling out the InterLibrary Loan forms found on the library's homepage
  • Clicking on the Get it link when using the catalog
  • Clicking on the InterLibrary Loan link in EBSCO

Questions About Your Interlibrary Loan Request

If you have made an interlibrary loan request or would like to make an interlibrary loan and have questions about the process, feel free to contact Mark Root, who handles all interlibrary loan requests, at

Questions About Interlibrary Loan

What is InterLibrary Loan?

  • When Bethel doesn't have an item, you may request that Bethel get that item from another library. Bethel will send out a request and notify you of either the arrival of the item or that other libraries weren't willing to lend their material.

Can I borrow anything?

  • Yes and no.  Most material that is available in a library is also available through InterLibrary loan.  However, libraries may restrict what is borrowed. Reference books, textbooks, and rare books all can be difficult to borrow. Since dissertations are usually rare books (only 1 or 2 copies worldwide), they can be difficult to borrow as well.

Do I need to return my material?

  • For articles, you can keep your PDF files.  Books, on the other hand, will need to be returned.  There should be a slip of paper that has information about the interlibrary loan transaction that includes the due date. Please return the material by that date or contact Mark Root to see if the due date can be extended.

Initiating an Interlibrary Loan Request in EBSCO