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Circulation Desk: Home

Checking Out Materials

All Bethel University faculty, staff, and students may check out library material with their Bethel ID. The normal checkout period for students is 60 days, and there is an annual day date of May 31st for faculty. More details about circulation policies, including who can borrow, fines, and loan periods can be found on the Library Policies page.

Renewing Materials

Students may renew their material once. Faculty and special borrowers are allowed two renewals. Renewals may be performed by either logging in to the library catalog or by filling out the online renewal form.

Borrowing from Other Libraries

  For material that is available at another library, the Bowen Library provides several options to allow you to get the material that you need. You may:

Special Borrowers only have circulation privileges at the Bowen Library.


The library does provide a copier/printer that can print/copy in color. The copier/printer is found in the computer room of the library. Payment for copies is made by using your Bethel ID. Black/white copies are $0.05 per page, and color copies are $0.15 per page.

Group Study Rooms

The library does provide for 13 study rooms in its lower level.  Each room is available on a first come, first served basis. The library has:

  • 3 Large size study rooms that can hold between 4-6 people. These rooms have a round table and a whiteboard in them.
  • 7 Medium size study rooms that can hold between 2-4 people.  4 of these rooms are equipped with a table and a whiteboard, and 3 of these rooms also include a TV with HDMI cabling that can be hooked up to a laptom.
  • 3 Small size study rooms that can hold between 1-2 people. These rooms are equipped with only a table.


Coffee is available in Mae's Corner and may be purchased for $0.25 by place the money in the box located near the coffee.  The library provides a self-serve Keurig machine with the K-cups and coffee cups provided at the counter. If the Keurig machine needs water or if you need help in finding K-cups, please contact the person at the circulation desk who will be able to assist you.


For some classes, faculty may have placed material on the Reserve shelf.  These are usually materials, either the library's or the professor's, that have been set aside for a particular class. Because the material is for a class, the professor also specifies to the library a shortened loan period. This shorter loan period allows more students in the class access ot the material. To find out what material has been placed on reserve, you may search the catalog.  Faculty who desire to place material on Reserve, may do so by filling out the Reserve form and placing it and the material to be placed on Reserve at the Circulation Desk. The material will be put on Reserve by our Circulation Supervisor.

Lost and Found

If you forget an item in the library, the library maintains a lost and found at the circulation desk. The library will keep material that is left behind for a period of time and will take that material to the campus lost and found (located in the Campus Safety office) from time to time.